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Tanya Merryman is arguably one of the most accomplished fitness professionals ever! For a time, she was a household industry name. She hosted the popular TV show American Muscle on ESPN at a time when fitness competitions and bodybuilding were exploding in popularity. She graced multiple magazine covers and competed in and won the most prestigious competitions of her time, becoming the first Mom to ever the Fitness America National Championships at age 25. In her 30's she tackled the biggest organization in physique sports and earned her pro status with them as well. Her following was borderline fanatic and she was the heartthrob of the industry. Her on-the-stage and in front of the camera persona of always looking glamorous and beautiful were how many perceived her. But that didn't begin to tell her story.

Tanya Merryman didn't just fall out of the sky and land in the middle of a photo shoot. Her path to success has never been easy, despite the assumptions. She is one of the most driven individuals you will ever meet. Her drive didn't begin with her success, it led to it. As a youth, Tanya struggled with her weight and also struggled with her self-esteem and acceptance. Those struggles pushed her to improve herself. They also gave her a unique understanding of what other people go through, and how important pursuing fitness goals can be for helping to balance out and even maximize one's life. Beyond her success on stage and in front of the camera, her challenges pushed her into helping others.

Tanya's out-of-the-spotlight fitness life is even more impressive than her public persona. She is an absolute elite group exercise instructor. She has taught thousands of classes, inspiring and motivating hundreds of thousands of students. She has helped a number of major gym chains in her native Northern California either launch or achieve a new level of success via her efforts as an instructor, gym manager, fitness program director, group exercise coordinator, and multiple other titles. She's fought through major injuries including a torn ACL, and personal challenges that few know the difficulty of, all the time refusing to be anything less than the most outstanding Mom possible for her two sons.  Tanya has done a lot and given a lot, and now she's decided to scale up and give even more.

When Tanya Merryman walks across the stage at the upcoming WPC Championships she will look stunning. It is a reflection of a lifetime of dedication and hard work. She is doing her part to redefine what aging and growing older are thought to be by showing how graceful, positive, and beautiful they can be. Her competing again is merely a return to the stage, but not a return to fitness because she's never left. It is also not a swan song or a walk down memory lane. It is a way to celebrate who she is and what she's done, and to announce to the world all she is capable of. Tanya has some big things on the horizon, potentially bigger than everything she's done before. Don't be distracted by the still world class calves, look closely into her eyes. There's a fire present that reflects her intelligence and drive, and the excitement of unlimited possibilities. That fire is burning brighter than ever!

* Published by Kevin Myles

Sports Write, Coach, and Author


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