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Utilize Tanya's remarkable fitness career to your advantage by utilizing one of her 4 different coaching options below.

Her many real-world fitness endeavors are a valuable learning experience for anyone looking to take their career to the next level. Whether you plan on pursuing revolutionized personal health, starting your very own small business or want to turn fitness into a profession, Tanya is someone you want and need by your side in order to reach your true fitness potential

Personalized Health & Fitness Program
Take Your Health to The Next Level

Receive a custom 60 or 90 day program that aligns with both your abilities and your goals. Set up a consultation today to get started.

Coach & Advisor
Are you currently competing in the world of fitness?

Learn first hand from a former Ms. Fitness America and professional body builder how to navigate the fitness world and set yourself up with the perfect team for your future.

Life Coach
Out of Rhythm with your life's purpose?

Reach out now to learn how Tanya's strategies of navigating the hardships of life can give you the boost you need.

Not Sure What You're Looking For

Ranging from personal health questions to large-scale business concerns, feel free to reach out as all exchanges will be held confidential whether you pursue further consultations or not.

Personalized Health & Fitness Program

Take your health to the next level

Anyone can tell you what to eat, but Tanya offers 60 and 90 day programs that actually make sense and work for you. The program will help you conquer obstacles that once hindered your progress in the past. We can work together on the most effective individualized program for you that may include additional coaching support from a panel of specialists for special dietary needs or concerns. Click the emblem below to scehdule your first consultation. Don't waist anymore time when it comes to your personal health!

Competition Coach and Advisor

Turn your fitness into a profession

Interested in taking your passion for fitness to the next level? Would you like to create a path with Tanya towards a professional fitness career on or off the stage? Tanya is one of the few professional fitness athletes that had the opportunity to compete in different organizations and sporting events. She was able to translate her competitive career into a career away from the stage. With over 20 years of career success, she can share her secrets and create a strategy with you to follow whether you are just starting out, or ready to go further. Capitalize on the opportunities available to you and schedule a consultation today!

Life Coach

Out of sync with your life's purpose?


Life coaching with Tanya involves taking a closer look at your potential and working together to achieve all that you desire. Through specific strategies and skills, she can help you define yourself and create the life you envision. Tanya has gone through her fair share of adversity as she has dealt with the struggles of divorce, unhealthy relationships, fight for custody of her own children and inter-personal struggles of dealing with eating-disorders throughout her career. Yet her personal strategies let her persevere through these obstacles and ultimately made her a better woman today. Tanya has turned what most would consider bad fate into the energy that moves as she attributes her keen sense of business acumen and ability to connect with those around her to those early life struggles.

Spending too much effort going in circles?

Tanya’s life coaching strategies helped her say goodbye to unhealthy relationships, eating disorders and prevented her from burning out in high performance work environments. This allowed her the opportunity to pursue her dreams and ultimately become both a smarter business woman and decision maker. She understands that we are all pulled in many directions and how utilizing a life coach can help steer yourself towards personal success. Get started on your journey by setting up your first consultation below.


Get started on your next chapter today!

Book a basic consultation so we can learn more about you and what you want to achieve moving forward. Whether it is your own fitness business, competitive career, or personal health and life coaching that you would like to explore with Tanya, we can help you take the first step! Consultations can be booked one at time or set up on a regular basis. A meeting can be done by telephone, videoconferencing, or face to face in some areas. We are flexible to whatever way works best for your schedule. Due to the fact that these consultations can often include very personal information you can trust that Tanya will keep all discussions private between you and her whether you decide to stay in contact or not.

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