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Tanya Merryman

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Champion | Competitor | Coach

Tanya Merryman, over her career has built a worldwide reputation as a leader in Women’s Fitness, Figure, and Bikini competitions that span across a decade of national titles and published workouts. She has been recognized in Ms. Fitness USA, ESPN Fitness America, USA Sports along with many others. She was recognized as a premiere fitness athlete and found herself competing on the national stage from the start of her career. She went on to become the first mother to ever win the ESPN Fitness America National title, be on the cover of Oxygen magazine, be recognized for several published workouts and photoshoots in a variety of magazines, and earn a two year hosting contract on ESPN’s American Muscle show.

World Renown Fitness-Enthusiast

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Lets Get Personal

Tanya Merryman family life Coach

Mother | Mentor | Motivator

Today, she lives in California and has decided to let go of her competitive schedule in order to become the best mother and leader she can in the community. Now, she takes pride in her ability to be an inspiration to others as she works as a life coach and health coach with peers throughout the Tri-Valley. When she isn’t coaching, she is learning as she is most passionate about her love for Yoga, pilates, meditation and cross training with high intensity workouts. She believes in empowering her students to follow their dreams and earn the best version of themselves possible.

Based in Pleasanton, CA


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